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The world championship in Africa's eyes is reflected


Takudzwa Chitsiga and Rashiwe Murisa, Harare Bureau
Six local professional golfers will be detonated when the Sunshine Tour returns after the summer holidays with the PGA Championship in the eyes of Africa, which takes place this morning until Sunday.

The event, which began in 1923 as a tournament in a match, before being converted to the current form of deadly development in 1965, returns to the signature of the golf island of Eye of Africa Signature Golf south of Johannesburg, where several international golfers take part.

The Eye of Africa boasts a R2 million prize pool and Zimbabwe Ryan Cairns and Mark Williams, Dean Nysschen entering the tournament by way of exception.

Benjamin Follet-Smith, Sheldon Steyn and Brian Gondo booked their qualifying place on Monday.

The Trio was part of 27 top pros who fought for 15 pre-qualification slots.

The Eye of Africa was the first tournament in South Africa, which was jointly approved for a European tour when the PGA Championship in Lexington was held in Wanderers Golf Club in 1995 and Ernie Else's win.

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