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Xbox Live WARNING: Remember to download the free Xbox One from Microsoft | Games | Entertainment

Microsoft offers a new free download this week from one of its exclusive licenses.

You can catch a copy of Crackdown 2 right now for players who have Xbox One and have access to the games store.

The deal was live earlier this month and doesn't seem to require fans to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold.

Xbox's Larry Hyrb announced the launch of Crackdown 2 as the official Backward Compatible game in the current Microsoft console, along with a message that it was also set to be free to download.

Typically, fans would have to go to the Xbox Game Store to purchase an old Xbox 360 game, or purchase it from their digital library again.

So it makes this Crackdown 2 a little different from the others currently available to fans.

No countdown or timer has been added to the game list, indicating that it will be free for download over the coming weeks.


Crackdown 2 joins the original game on the series as backward compatible, allowing you to play the entire Xbox One trilogy.

Crackdown has become part of the game with the Gold lineup earlier this year, while Crackdown 3 can be played through the Xbox Game Pass.

So if you have a free trial available, you can now play all three games for free.

Crackdown 2 weighs about 4 GB to download on Xbox One and doesn't seem to be part of the Xbox X Enhanced series.

If that were the case, Xbox One X owners could expect better performance, but unlike the original Crackdown, it wasn't confirmed.

And Crackdown 2 is not the only free game to download to Xbox One this weekend.

If you are also a subscriber to Xbox Live Gold, you can add Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2.

Garden Warfare 2 has a favorable Metacritic rating for both reviewers and users.

It weighs approximately 32GB on Xbox One and has an age rating of 10+, with lots of accessories available for those who want more.

Fans of old Xbox 360 games can also download Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, which has now captured Star Wars: Republic Commando.

Revengeance is a title originally released for older 360 consoles, but is available for playback on Xbox One with Microsoft Backwards Compatibility.

The program provides Gold members with free games every month, worth up to $ 700 a year, according to Microsoft.

When you select a game, it will be found in your account and will be ready to download when you log in to the console.

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