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Young Wallander & # 39;: Netflix orders police drama based on Hit BBC

Adventure Young Wallander they come to Netflix. The streaming branch has ordered a number of U.K. – Sweden, based on the early life of popular police inspector Henning Mankell, who was already on a BBC screen Wallander the series with Kenneth Branagh and the Swedish version with Christ Henriksson.

Netflix also ordered a new French original during the French Revolution. Dramaturgical drama, which will not be touched yet, will be followed by Joseph Guillotin, the future inventor of the guillotine, investigating a series of mysterious murders and discovering an unknown virus.

Young Wallander will see the title detective dealing with his first case. Netflix Deputy Prime Minister Erik Barmack announced the project Wednesday at the C21 Content London event.

"We look at Wallander when he was in the early 1920s before he became so poisoned," he said, remarking that Mankell's books sold 50 million copies worldwide in multiple languages. "When we talked to Bern [Levin] on Yellow Bird and saw the opportunity to work on such a project, we were really excited. "

The production starts on a six-story serialized, which will be in English in 2019.

Levin, Creative Director at Banijay, owned by Yellow Bird UK, said that "meeting Walloner as a young man and exploring how the times and his new experiences will shape him eventually become a man we already know, and love is an exciting opportunity. convinced that it will attract a new audience and re-convince longtime fans with sharp intelligence, enthusiasm and unmistakable humanity. "

During the French Revolution, the Barmack also irritated the new scene. The new series begins in 1787, two years before the outbreak of the revolution. After Guillotin discovers an unknown virus, called Blue Blood, the disease rapidly spreads between the French aristocracy, causing them to kill ordinary people, and soon leads to rebellion.

The series was created by French writer Aurélien Molas, who co-wrote eight episodes with Gaíí Guasti. The series is produced by John Doe Productions for Netflix.

"When we discussed the idea of ​​revisiting France's history through an epic and truly breathtaking series, the first question we had to ask was: Who would support us? Short answer – only Netflix for such a revolution!" Said Molas and François Lardenois, the creator and producers series.

In his statement Barmack described Molas as "a very talented and innovative creator, with whom we are thrilled to be working on our other French original series." The series is about to begin production in 2019.

Netflix recently announced the launch of a fully equipped office in Paris and seven new French original series. His slate of upcoming French performances include "Osmosis", the romance of the science fiction series.

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