Zimra pulls the $ 200 screws – Nehanda Radio

Letwin Nyambayo

The Zimbabwean Finance Authority (Zimra) has commissioned its officers at the country's border stations to strictly enforce a $ 200 discount on imported goods for personal use.

Delay reported on Beitbridge Border Post (Image via Zovi twitter handle)
Beitbridge Border Post (image via Povo Zim twitter handle)

In a notice published yesterday, the national tax administrator stated that if the quantity imported by the passenger exceeds the specified maximum quantity then the specific goods will be considered commercial and therefore can not be considered a discount.

"An example is that if a passenger imports seven shirts against the approved four shirts, the entire shipment will be considered commercial and should therefore be billed on seven shirts without a discount of four.

"A discount for travelers is provided for goods up to $ 200 or equivalent imported for personal use and the goods are properly declared," said Zimra.

Zimra added that the importers of goods are still in breach of the set limit when the goods are destined for commercial use.

Volume discounts reveal that only four shoes, jackets, skirts, jeans trousers, shirts, shirts and shorts will be allowed to import.

Foods are not excluded from the list because there is a quantity to be fulfilled for different products. Daily news

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